Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 - Lunch bags

Huhu ihr Lieben,
heute ist der erste Schultag nach den Ferien. Deswegen heute mal die Vesperdosen von meinen Jungs.

Hi my friends,
Today is the first day of school again and here are the lunch bags of my boys.... In Germany the kids come home for lunch so this is only for a second breakfast...


  1. I love your Idea for today photo! wonderful photo

  2. Look at the little candy! Aweomse!

  3. Cute! Are those clementines? I am addicted to them. :)

  4. Those look like the little plastic boxes that we use for holding pencils/etc ~ great alternative for them!

    Noticed that the date is January 7th.. have you changed your mind about doing the 365?